AI Powered Digital Assistant Chatbot

Industry: Fashion Retail


Leading Indian retail giant wanted to understand its popular product and services with its consumers. They wanted to create greater customer satisfaction and provide continuously improving Customer Experience.

Abzooba’s XPRESSO CommerceTM platform was the ideal choice for them since it ensures that the shopping experience becomes hassle-free, stress-free, enjoyable and boosts the prospects of successful conversions, largely driven by the level of personalization.

Project journey

Abzooba used its own digital assistant product XPRESSO CommerceTM in improving the Net promoter score.


About XPRESSO CommerceTM

AI powered intelligent digital assistant that engages consumers in timely and personalized conversations. XPRESSO CommerceTM is a channel for instrumenting commerce. It is a new way of understanding natural language, intent of the consumer, visual intelligence – different mediums to engage with consumers in an intrusive and intuitive way. XPRESSO CommerceTM uses technologies consumers enjoy using — such as chat, messaging or other natural language interfaces — with artificial intelligence, so that consumers can interact with brands or services through messaging platform.


Abzooba developed ‘Style BOT’ available in Facebook messenger which included features like:

  1. Guided search
  2. Natural language search
  3. Visual Search
  4. Product recommendations and display based on user input/ marketing
  5. Wishing on general events + Offering coupons
  6. Event based promotion marketing
  7. Chat with Specialist (Human from client)

Abzooba trained client team with about the Conversational Interaction Manager, the process of how to create the scripts for the conversation/response-messages. Client as part of their marketing effort need to send the links of Bot profile to their online users. When BOT is added as friends/liked by the online users, BOT can send out notification feed to the users thus leading to build their personal fashion profile based on the engagements.

BOT will also be able to start wishing these friends on their birthdays, anniversary etc. along with discount coupons, based on the data availability/exposure of the online users for their specific birthdays/anniversaries.

Business benefits:

  • Net promoter score for client increased to 80% after XPRESSO CommerceTM solution was deployed
  • Low cost solution framework which was developed in relatively short period of time