Abzooba Inc. is a US based data analytics and big data organisation. Our head office is in Milpitas, California. In India, we have our centres in Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai. We are into text analytics, advanced analytics, predictive data modelling of structured and unstructured data using our indigenous next generation data analytics engine – XPRESSO.

Founded in 2010, we were rated as one of the “Top Analytics Company 2012” in the world. We have strategic business relationships with large IT companies and talent sourcing tie ups with IIT KGP, IIM Lucknow, ISI Kolkata, Wright State University and top Indian Institute of Technology schools in India. We create products and solutions to enable data driven decision making across retail, healthcare and insurance.

Vision Statement

Be a world leader in driving data based decisions

Mission Statement

Reduce cognitive overload within enterprises by augmenting human intelligence with machine intelligence effectuating smarter and more efficient decision making