Abzooba Ushers in Increased Big data Spending for Healthcare

The Healthcare Sector is evolving at a faster rate than previously anticipated and the need to manage patient care and invent medicines for new diseases has increased simultaneously. The rise in such necessities has open the doors for adopting & deploying new technologies in healthcare like the use of Big Data and Analytics.

Faced with unsustainable costs and enormous amounts of under-utilized data, health care needed more efficient practices and tools to harness the full benefits of personal health and healthcare-related data. Imagine visiting your physician’s office with a list of concerns and questions. What if you could walk out of the office with a personalized assessment of your health? What if you could have personalized disease management and wellness plan? The scope for such possibilities are immense and this is where Big data technologies and techniques come in.

The rapid changes in pharmaceutical advances and the growing dependency on expensive hospital hardware to detect diseases has amplified healthcare costs by many folds, over the years. Instead of perceiving the current trends as a hurdle, some of the top key players in the healthcare space quickly recognized it as an opportunity to expand the healthcare periphery with relatively new terms like ‘precision medicine’ and ‘personalized healthcare’ by bringing in cutting-edge Big data technologies.

Research Report Inc, a leading market research company has shed light in its recent press- release on the efforts made by these enterprises including Abzooba to bring about an upsurge in Big data investments in the healthcare gamut. Some of the focus areas of the press release can be summed up to the rise in demand for financial analytics in healthcare and the growing need for exploring unstructured & structured data present in the healthcare industry, besides stressing on the need for patient-oriented insurance-plan design policies.

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