Abzooba’s XPRESSOMeter is a real time social media monitoring application that uses the underlying capabilities of Automated Expression classification for superior social media monitoring.

These include:

  • Highlighting important conversations as they are happening
  • Providing instant insights into topics that may require immediate actions
  • Automated alerts based on defined SLAs etc.

Organizations can expect to see considerable improvement in uncovering new sales leads, reduction in call center operating costs, improving customer engagement, and managing crises though the use of XPRESSOMeter.


XPRESSOInsightsTM is Abzooba’s Social Media Analytics product built upon its “expression based classification” technology. The system provides insights into products, behavior, expression etc. using our extensive database of unstructured conversations. XPRESSOInsights helps organizations discover meaningful insights which allow them to capitalize on opportunities in their areas of interest.

XPRESSOInsights capabilities include:

  • Data mining, Statistical Analysis and knowledge discovery around products and customers
  • Actionable insights into the market’s opinion relating to brand and products
  • Determining and measuring product and campaign effectiveness based on social media conversations
  • Customer micro segmentation, campaign, ad, and promotion development etc.

This is based on identification of key opinion leaders, advocates, influencer around specific product features.

expresso Insights